No matter what, somethings can never be forgotten. Just like our childhood and the games we grew up playing. Here are some of the games that we wouldn’t mind playing even today.


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Snake and ladder

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Raja Rani Chor Police

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Super stars

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Gifts we died to collect.


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Different pictures espcially the pokemon one’s were everyone’s goal to achieve.

Fancy Erasers

Who doesn’t like fancy stationeries. We might be too old to use these now but while we were kids we owned a damn whole lot.


The one in the picture was still a fancy one but the ones we got in a packet of cheetos was simple but love❤❤❤

There were a whole lot of things like stickers, posters etc we were crazy after collecting. These were just some of them.

Bachpan Ke Saathi.

If tossing all the rings in the holder was winning, then I don’t think anybody has ever won in this game.

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These came out Always 15 days before Diwali.

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Marbles put to good use.

Hated this one like anything.

Pranking others on calls was considered wildest thing ever done.

Also this.

Very few of us have built anything else apart from a house with it. Also, stepped on it once. Still hurts.

Uttered Yo-Yo only when asked, “Y for…?”

Remote control cars!💙

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Irritated Uncle, Aunty, Dada,Dadi, kutta, billi EVERYONE with it.

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Crave For Them Even Today.

It might have been more than a decade now, since we ate these finger licking flavours. 

See if you can stop from getting nostalgic here.

Milky Bar

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Chocolate Coins


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Gold Spot

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Magic Pop

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Uncle chipps

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Movies that taught us to follow our heart.

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There’s no end to people – and online stories – telling you to chase your dreams and turn your hobby into a career. We go to the movies expecting three hours of entertainment, some singing, dancing, action and comedy. And we come out of theaters feeling mildly satisfied that three hours were well spent in an air conditioned room with some fun. But, there are a few times we feel a lot more than that. Here’s to some those movies.

Wake up Sid

Taare Zameen Par

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Glad We Forgot These Beauty Trends

As time passes things evolve, places evolve, people evolve. And whatever happens, happens for the best. In 80s, 90s and 00s Bollywood has seen many things come and go and of them all here are some of the things that i’m glad never returned.

Shiny pants- Why even would you want glitter, like legit glitter on front half of your pants?!

Coloured bell bottoms- If this returns, apocalypse has started.

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Thin eyebrows- The thread used to thin it was much thicker.

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Shoulder pads-  Is it only me who thinks it suits her or…? (Time to change mind)

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Wierd Hairdos- So wierd that the bird by mistake laid its egg thinking it was its nest.

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Puffy sleeves- “Wear them on your b’day and get two baloon feels on your shoulders for free freee FREEE…” went the advertisement.

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Outlining lipstick- Already kya kam time lagta tha tayyar hone me ke aur ek unnecessary act.

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Exaggerated Accessories- Gold women.

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Soo light Makeup- So light that we don’t know if she’s a villain or a heroine.

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Hair Clips – We understand nobody loves growing old but cringing to kids accessories is not a solution, Rani.

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Electronic Items that will get you nostalgic.

A device you could show off.

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16 bit video games were bae back then.

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Exchanged these often with friends 

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Doctor uncles had it for sure.

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Tape recorders.

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Tons and tons were owned. And the struggle with the pencil WAS Real.

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Had No- Caller ID but As kids we ran to pick it up. Got smart phones now, try to avoid as many calls possible.

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Only the ‘rich’ people owned it, was our mentality

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The big fastass computer

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After seeing this picture we want one back, don’t we?